What time do the training courses start?
Most courses start at 8.30am but please refer to the relevant course description for confirmation.  This allows candidates to complete the administration and course registration in good time.
Will I receive a certificate for the training?
Yes you will receive an industry recognised certificate.  This will be requested on successful course completion.  You should receive it within 7-10 days.
I struggle with both reading and writing. Will this be a problem for the exam?
It shouldn’t be.  The test papers are multiple choice.  We are not concerned with your spelling or grammar and can adapt situations to be fair to all candidates irrespective of their capability.  However, a basic level of spoken and written English is required for all courses.
How much practical training is involved?
All of our training courses involve practical sessions which vary in duration.
Do I need to bring anything with me?
No, all the training aids, pens, books, and other resources you require to complete the course will be provided by the tutor for you.
Are you easy to find?
All of our training venues are chosen for their ease of accessibility.  Location maps can be supplied on request and will be included with the joining instructions.
What if I have special dietary requirements?
If you have special dietary needs please let us know at the time of booking or as soon as possible afterwards.
Do I need to have completed any pre-course study or training?
No, all the training required to meet the necessary standard will be given during your training course.
I have a disability. Can you accommodate my needs?
We welcome disabled candidates and access to the facilities is not an issue.  In terms of your ability to complete the course itself this will depend on the type of course you wish to attend.  For example, you must be physically able to undertake and complete the protocols for CPR and placing a casualty in the recovery position if you are attending a first aid course.  Please contact us if you are at all concerned and we will be happy to advise.
I am unsure which course would suit my career development. Can you help with this?
Yes, please Contact Us stating your career path and intentions and our lead tutor will be able to advise you which training course to undertake.