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Fire Marshal/Warden Training (4.5 hours)

Fire Marshal/Warden Training (4.5 hours)

£64.00 per person plus VAT

Course Description

Where organisations occupy shared premises or they have a large work force distributed over several floors, buildings or locations it is imperative that they are able to evacuate their staff and visitors to a safe location (fire assembly point) in a timely and proficient manner.  When fire occurs people panic – it is human nature.  You can avoid a major catastrophe by implementing a sound fire evacuation plan and training appropriate members of staff to co-ordinate and control the building or site evacuation.

Our Fire Marshal & Fire Warden Training Course does just that.  Members of staff will be fully trained to identify potential fire hazards, recognise the appropriate fire extinguishers and safety equipment to use and fully understand the actions and procedures to undertake to safely sweep, secure and evacuate your premises of all personnel including disabled or injured visitors and staff.

Fire Marshal & Fire Warden Training covers the following areas:

  • Fire Regulations & Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmosphere Regulations (DSEAR);
  • Fire hazards and safety in the work place;
  • The composition and chemistry of fire;
  • Alarms and evacuation points;
  • Extinguishers; their identification and safe use;
  • Roles and responsibilities of the Fire Warden/Fire Marshal;
  • Sweeping and securing the building;
  • Providing assistance to incapacitated, injured or disabled persons;
  • Evacuation and accounting of building staff; and
  • Liaison with the Fire Officer or emergency staff.

Course duration is 4 ½ hours (depending on group size) starting at 08:30 am and finishing at 13:00 pm.  Refreshments will be provided.

The candidates will receive continuous practical assessment throughout the training day.  A basic level of both spoken and written English is required.

On successful completion of the course the candidate will receive a industry recognised Fire Marshal/Fire Warden  certificate which is valid for three years.