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Risk Assessments (4 hours)

Risk Assessments (4 hours)

Course Description

Under the provisions of the Health & Safety etc. at Work Act 1974, every organisation is required to assess the risks within their working environment and ensure that, where necessary, all steps have been taken “so far as is reasonably practicable” to mitigate those risks and any potential harm arising from them.  It is one thing for management to be able to assess hazards and risks, but with everyone having a responsibility to participate in risk reduction, how equipped are your staff to do this?   This is particularly pertinent when you are asking them to operate in different and varied locations throughout their working day.  Have you, as a Manager, satisfied yourself that the environments you send your staff to work in are as safe as your own?  Are you confident to carry out your own risk assessment?

First Safety Training (Cambridge) can provide the solution – a simple, cost effective, 4 hour risk assessment training course suited to your working environment and that of other premises your staff may visit.  Attendance on our risk assessment course will, fundamentally, enable your staff to recognise workplace hazards as well as understand the difference between a hazard and a risk and, hopefully, feel confident to undertake their own risk assessment.   Areas covered by this training course include:

  • The law and legal aspects;
  • Hazard identification;
  • Understanding Risk;
  • Five easy steps to making a risk assessment;
  • Understanding control measures;
  • Understanding the hierarchy of controls;
  • Completing a standard risk table;
  • Significant risk register;
  • Method statements and safe systems of work; and
  • Practical exercises

Health & Safety Risk Assessments in the Workplace Level 1 is a 4 hour training course (depending on group size) starting at 08:30 am and finishing at 12:30 pm.  Refreshments will be provided.

Candidates will receive continuous practical assessment throughout the training day culminating in a multi-choice question paper.   A basic level of both spoken and written English will be required.

On successful completion of the risk assessment course candidates will receive an industry recognised Health & Safety Risk Assessors Certificate.   The qualification itself does not expire but it is recommend that refresher or continuation training is completed to ensure that staff remain up to date with company policy and procedural changes to health and safety legislation.